Woori Market is Much Like Freshia Market...

Woori Market is Much Like Freshia Market...
Edwin Goei

The third iteration of Korean grocer at the corner of Walnut and Redhill in Tustin looks so much like its predecessors that if I didn't know Freshia had gone belly up, I would've walked in and would've only noticed that they spruced up two walls with near-flourescent paint.

That is to say the new Woori Market (which had its grand opening this weekend) looks like Freshia when it was itself still new and full of optimism--before HMart and Zion came along, when Freshia offered good and cheap produce and boasted a quality meat and fresh fish department that rivaled 99 Ranch's across town.

Woori Market is Much Like Freshia Market...
Edwin Goei

Woori seems ready to make you forget Freshia's sad, unfortunate end that Shuji witnessed when customers dwindled along with the quality.

A few changes are noticeable. The excellent Samsoonyi Bakery has been replaced by something called We Bakery, which occupies the same spot. They also got rid of the kimbap island and turned it into a seafood display brimming with iced fish. But you'll find the boxed panchan and the marinated Korean BBQ meats in the same general area  it always was.

Woori Market is Much Like Freshia Market...
Edwin Goei

If there's anything more notably different here, it's that the cashiers are really polite to the point of obsequience. They make it a point to give you your credit card back with both hands and a slight bow when they do. The bag person won't just leave your groceries there for you to take, she'll present it to you, looped handle first.

Woori Market is Much Like Freshia Market...
Edwin Goei

How will Woori fare in the long run? It all depends whether you believe what they say about the third time.

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Woori Market

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