Not worth a cheese burger
Not worth a cheese burger
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Woman Tased at McDonald's, Holds Up Lunch

Sure, I've eaten some really good food, but food worth being tased for? No. (Okay, there may one or two meals for which I wouldn't mind being tased but for the most part, no.)
An apparently extremely hungry women in North Carolina was tased and arrested late last week after cutting in the drive-thru line at McDonald's with her truck. After refusing orders from police (and backing up the lunch rush) for twenty minutes to move her car, the police entered, removed her three-year-old daughter and tried to pull her out, having to tase her twice in the process.

Now, sure, McDonald's might be a guilty pleasure once in a blue moon but there's seems to be an uptick of people doing stupid things for it lately. (See, the 17 year-old whose spent most of her life eating McNuggets). I don't have to tell you guys how dumb this is but I'm going to anyways: this is really really dumb
Dear world: please stop. I don't want to be known as the McDonald's-beat reporter of the OC Weekly.


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