Wine Shine Brandy, Our Drink of the Week!

Wine Shine Brandy, Our Drink of the Week!

The New York Times recently wrote about the sudden rise in American brandy, highlighting Copper & Kings in Louisville—a distillery we highlighted last year, so shows how smart we are! Brandy was actually the first spirit distilled in Orange County, thanks to Anaheim’s wine colony, so here’s to hoping a local maker (Blinking Owl, I’m looking at you) starts an operation in the coming years. In the meanwhile, content yourself with the next-best option: OCer Mike Blash co-owns Wine Shine Brandy, distilled in Paso Robles and delicious AF, especially the hibiscus flavor.

If you’re idea of brandy is the saccharine Presidente at the back of your parent’s cabinet that you once snuck into high school, be prepared for a revelation. Wine Shine is strong, but the addition of hibiscus tempers it so that it can pass as an agua fresca, so fresh and light on the tongue it is. Blash is slowly spreading his hooch’s gospel in OC’s better bars; in the meanwhile, go to Hi-Time Wine Cellar to get a bottle. And while you’re there, remind Mr. Hi-Time that I called brandy a year ago—BOOM...

Hi-Time Wine Cellar, 250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, (949) 650-8463;

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