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Taco taco
Photo courtesy Island Hotel

Wild & Crazy Taco Nite: Who's Serving What!

We checked out our first Wild & Crazy Taco Night last year. A fundraiser to benefit Share Our Selves, it was one of the most well-organized events we attended in recent memory. Whether you're a repeat diner or it's your first time there, the taco lineup is worth studying. We reached out to a few of our favorite spots to inquire about what they planned to serve.  Try not to drool too much.

Island Hotel (pictured above) - Chef David Man 
Nashville hot chicken taco on Anson Mills blue corn grits pancake, dill pickle slaw and sweet and sour honey.

TAPS Fish House & Brewery Irvine - Chef Andrew Monterrosa
Smoked clam taco (al pastor style), applewood smoked clams, pineapple chili limon and bacon foam on homemade tortilla.

Taco Asylum - Chef Sean Masucci
Lamb breast taco with bacon fig jam, pistachio butter, mache and mint salad, pistachio crumble.

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ALL the tacos
Photo courtesy Five Crowns

Five Crowns (pictured) - Chef Steve Kling
Turkey confit taco with tomatillo and epazote chimichurri.

Melissa's Produce - Chef Marco Zapien
Baby Dutch yellow potato and roasted hatch chile tacos. Topped with grilled nopales, pico de gallo and queso ranchero.

The Catch - Chef Cory Rapp
Pulled rabbit taco (garlic-guajillo marinade), carrot tortillas, corn esquites, beet green salsa, chopped cilantro.

For more information on Share Our Selves and Wild & Crazy Taco night, please visit their website.


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