Why Can't Pollo Campero Come to Orange County?

QSR Magazine reported earlier this week that Pollo Campero--a chicken chain specializing in Central American-style fried chicken--was opening a branch in Walt Disney World. Good for them, but in visiting their website to try and steal an image, I realized something rather disturbing: Pollo Campero is virtually everywhere except Orange County.

How on Earth is it that the company thinks freakin' Bahrain is more deserving of a branch than OC?

Pollo Campero isn't the best chain in the world, but surely Orange County's large population of Central Americans can bug the company to open a branch here. Surely, Pollo Campero would do better here, be a more-welcome addition than Five Guys or whatever other fool that thinks they can challenge the supremacy of established chains. Pollo Campero's only true rival is Kentucky Fried Chicken (


El Pollo Loco, which charbroils its chicken), and it's not even a comparison: the Pollo Campero hen is tangier, with more flavor and a lighter breading than the colonel's long-suffering creation.

My gawd: there's even a Pollo Campero branch in San Bernardino. Whither us?


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