Who's the Bird Man (or Woman) of Little Saigon?

Who's the Bird Man (or Woman) of Little Saigon?

The last couple of times I've visited Saigon Bakery for some bánh mìs, I've seen the above scene unfold in the morning: dozens, if not a good hundred seagulls, pigeons and other birds flocking to eat bread crumbs left by someone at the base of a couple of light poles. It's not the best practice--it's obviously unsanitary and conditions the birds to depend on humans for food--but I gotta admit: It's a breathtaking sight.
Regarding the photo: My apologies for the graininess, but I had to shoot from afar or the birds would have flown away.

I always visit in the morning, so I'm not sure if someone replenishes the bread-crumb supply. Who leaves these treats? A local baker? Are they baguettes? Mung bean cakes? Something else? Birds bomb in and out for a good hour, if not longer, in twos and threes or just kicking it until getting their fill and leaving.

Is seagull meat any good? I digress. ...

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