Who's Pretending to Be Nancy Luna, the Fast Food Maven?

Here's how to get some free food, if you're not particular about personal ethics or the impact you'll have on someone's career:

1. Go into a restaurant.
2. Tell them you're Nancy Luna, the Fast Food Maven.
3. Act nice and tip well.
4. ???

Yes, someone's been running around Orange County pretending to be Nancy Luna of Fast Food Maven, being polite and cheerful and generally extorting free food and swag from local restaurateurs. Sadly for them, and happily for Nancy's reputation, they got caught and skewered on the FFM blog.

Now, we are quite happy to be Fast Food Maven's competition, but even with our differences of opinion, we know there's no way she would ever trade on her name to get freebies. The idea would repulse anyone with a shred of journalistic integrity.

A couple of things need to be said here:

First of all, don't even think about impersonating any of us. Everyone in the county knows who Gustavo is; Edwin is just a pseudonym for Gustavo's respectable side; Shuji, Niyaz, Anne Marie, Bill and Michelle all have their photos all over the Web; if you're going to pretend to be me, you're going to have to bash yourself in the throat with a frying pan a few times and put on a fat suit.

Second, to OC and LBC's restaurateurs: None of us would ever ask for a freebie. Ever. We quail at the thought. If anyone comes to you pretending to be from OC Weekly's food section and they happen to fall down repeatedly on their way, freebie-less, out the door, please take photos; we'll blog it.

Third, to Nancy: see you at the OC Press Club awards!

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