Sorry, Pam.
Sorry, Pam.

Who's Picky Now? 30% of Meat Eaters Won't Date a Vegetarian, Survey Says

Love may see no class or color buuut it's apparently pretty judgy when it comes to what's on your plate. 

A survey conducted by the Today show and found that out of 4,000 singles, nearly 30% of meat eaters won't date a vegetarian. 

According to, the reasons for this diet-based discrimination are plenty. Some see vegetarians as high-maintenance. Others want to bite into their bloody filet mignon without feeling like their partner disapproves. For burger-loving women, vegetarian men may be viewed as less manly. And some simply say it comes down to shared interests. Chef and writer J. Federer tells, "The ability to provide and share food is part of romance, and I just can't date a person who does not share those moments of life with me."   

Vegetarians, conversely, may be picky about their food options but not so much about their potential love connections--only 4 percent said they would not date a meat-eater.   

Omnivores, maybe this will change your mind? (Yeah, probably not.) 

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