Who Amongst You Has Experienced the TK Burgers Truck?

Who Amongst You Has Experienced the TK Burgers Truck?

Not me. But its quality is something I wonder about every time I pass by the OC steamed hams icon. I've seen the Carl's Jr. truck in action, eaten at an In-n-Out version, and virtually live at taco truck. But I've only seen the TK truck in person at their Costa Mesa location, loading up to service some weekend party no doubted hosted by smart folks. However the experience is, I'm sure the burgers remain as delicious as at their brick-and-mortar locations: egg bun, sweet meat, with a special sauce somewhere between Thousand Islands and ranch. Just ate one today, and now that the Weekly world headquarters is back in Costa Mesa, will be eating there much more frequently. Who knows? Maybe I'll finally try something other than their burgers.

TK Burgers, 2966 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, (714) 662-2572; other locations listed at tkburgers.com.

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