No pink elephants afterward, for sure...
No pink elephants afterward, for sure...
Photo by The Mexican

White Elephant at The Globe Belgian Gastropub, Our Drink of the Week!

Most everyone that visits the Globe Belgian Gastropub in Garden Grove's perpetually unloved Main Street historic district gets beers, and understandably so. But usually overlooked among the Chimays and craft suds is a full bar, with a cocktail menu that shows promise. And while the current offerings rely on vodka a bit much, the Globe bartenders redeem themselves with the White Elephant, the best dessert booze I've had since polishing off my bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon cream last month.

Think of it as a classy White Russian, with Kahlua and iced espresso bringing the caffeine and Patrón Citronage taking the place of vodka to lend some tang. But the drink's secret weapon is alluded to in its name: Aramula, a South African cream digestif made from the marula fruit that's a favorite treat for pachyderms, which happen to serve as the logo for the liqueur. It's a nutty drink that pares well with the rest of the White Elephant: perfect to wash down all the pomme frites and sandwiches Globe offers. By the way, Globers: If I drink six White Elephants next time I'm there within an hour, can I get my photo on the wall? The Globe Belgian Gastropub, 12926 Main St., Garden Grove, (714) 537-7471;

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