Where do OC's Pedo-Priest Apologists Love To Eat?

From a trusted source:

"So I'm eating at [fancy restaurant] recently and am about to leave, when who do I see but John Urell! He's waiting outside with a bunch of priests. They're dressed super-fancy in suits, laughing, and seemingly ready to have a good time."

I realize a lot of you foodies don't bother with the real world of news, so a primer: John Urell is a Catholic priest that for years helped run interference for Diocese of Orange bishops when it came to the local sex-abuse scandal. He's about a scummy a human being as you can get.

The ironic thing about Urell and his pals eating at this restaurant is that Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown has long whined that those pesky victims of the Orange diocese's rape-happy priests are bleeding his churches dry; that's why he has to fire lay workers, close down schools in poor neighborhoods, and just so much more grief! Yet Brown apparently doesn't mind having his priests dining at this restaurant, one so nice most normal folks would be tossed out for cheapening the place.

So, trivia time: Can you guess what restaurant were these priests spotted at? Only hint: It's in the South Coast Metro area. First person to guess in the comment section below wins a free copy of one of my books, or $20--your choice. VVM employees not eligible, nor friends of the Little Sheriff.


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