When is Potluck Not Potluck?

Ever have one of those moments when you realize an English word that seems perfectly normal to you is idiomatic enough that it may cause confusion?

In celebration of 4/20, this is how my friends and I figured out that not everyone knows what it means when each person brings a dish to a shared dinner.

My wife--then my fiancée--and I were at a New Year's Eve party where everyone was supposed to bring a dish. There were the usual foods--lasagne, salad, dessert--but a group of our friends brought a dish of spaghetti that we all couldn't stop eating.

A little while later, though, we noticed that our moods were all a bit... altered.

"What was in that spaghetti?" someone asked.

"Marijuana! You said it was pot luck..." replied one of the friends.

We looked and, sure enough, that wasn't oregano. Oops.

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