What Your First Date Meal Says About You

Let's face it: First dates are awkward. It doesn't matter how great the conversation is or how much you laugh, you and the person sitting across the table from you are uncomfortable as hell. Food helps.

Food's a go-to for pretty much any first meet up, but you might want to think twice about where you make your first impression. Where you go and what's on the menu may be the difference between "let's have a drink" and "I have to go, my roommate is on fire."

The "Let's Grab Coffee" Date

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Fancy, but not first date-y
Photo by Anne Marie Panoringan

Run the other way as fast as you can. Unless you already know your date really well (like, I'm talking best friend status), who in their right mind would drop over $100 on a first date meal?

The answer is no one.

Unless you're crazy.

A person willing to spend that much on someone for the first time is trying way too hard and is probably compensating for something.

If you're reading this and actually expect someone to spend that much on you, it's time for a reality check. You can have as great of a time on a $40 dinner date as a $200 dinner date. It all comes down to your company, not the price tag.

Exception to this rule: If you're really rich. Then it doesn't really matter what you do because you already have a leg up on most of us. The Fast Food Date

Romantic, no?
Romantic, no?
Photo by Gustavo Arellano

Unless you're in middle school, you should probably reconsider where you're taking your date. As romantic as McDonald's is on a Saturday night, it's not for everyone.

Taking a girl or guy to a get fast food solely the first time you kick it is almost an insult. It shows you don't have much class and don't take your date seriously.

Exception to this rule: If you know your date's really, really into a certain fast food joint, then he or she is yours. You need to be 100 percent sure, though.

The Hometown Favorite

Now that's romance
Now that's romance
Photo by Niyaz Pirani


As the dater, you already know this place. You know what you like. You can seem like an expert on the menu and can even recommend a dish. You may be friends with the staff who can hook you up. You'll be sure to look good without going overboard.

As the date-ee, you feel taken care of because you don't have to worry about anything, your date's got it covered. You feel reassured because you can see your date being in his or her element. You can tell you're about to enjoy a good meal with even better company.

Exception to this rule: If the food sucks, probably don't go there.

Happy dating, everybody.

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