Sun sets on iconic Anaheim sign...
Sun sets on iconic Anaheim sign...

What Will Become of the Chris & Pitts Bar-B-Q Sign?

When I became of driving age and had to leave Anaheim for points south, I'd always take Euclid Avenue where two beacons stood to guide me along: the fabulous neon chicken of the La Palma Chicken Pie Shop and the multi-bulb wonder that was the marquee for Chris & Pitts Bar-B-Q sign. It was a glorious thing, visible up and down Euclid and bathing the restaurant in a glow as bright as day.

When it was announced that the venerable 'cue shrine was closing at the end of 2010 to make way for a Jollibee, the first thing I thought of was that sign--what would become of it? It's still standing months after its close, but they recently erected fences around Chris & Pitts to gut it--which means the sign's days are numbered.

Where's the Anaheim Historical Society on this? When will OC start caring about its culinary past? I shake my head in sadness every time I see the 100-foot-tall empty heart visible from the 22 Freeway where a Love's BBQ once stood, a fate that awaits Chris & Pitts, it seems...

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