What Local Celeb Was at the Hollywood Farmer's Market?

My chica, in her role as a master food preserver, is at the Hollywood Farmer's Market every so often to tell folks about how to preserve food. I went with her this past Sunday, and apparently was so immersed in a magazine that I cut in front of an Orange County celebrity, one that the paparazzi were trailing. Afterward, I saw the celebrity holding bags of produce, stopping at a booth where a guy was making balloon animals for kiddies and hipsters alike.

Gentle readers: who was this celebrity? The only hint I'll give at this point is that the celebrity no longer lives in Orange County but was born and raised here. First person to guess correctly wins a batch of my gal's plum-pluot preserve, which is perfectly precious and precise. One entry per guess.

Here's one celebrity who's a Hollywood Farmer's Market mainstay and likes OC!


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