What Happened On Last Night's The Great Food Truck Race
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What Happened On Last Night's The Great Food Truck Race

If you're still folowing The Great Food Truck Race, last night's episode is the semi-final of sorts. By the time the hour was over, two trucks roll on to next week's finale.

Here be a summation of what occured last night.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

With our home team, Crepes Bonaparte (the only OC food truck on the show) eliminated two weeks prior and the Austin Daily Press casted off the week after that, it left the French truck Spencer on the Go, burger-maker Grill 'Em All, and the still undefeated bánh mì truck Nom Nom to Jonesborough, Tennessee, where everyone seems to go to bed by 7:30 p.m. and no one knows what a bánh mì is.

Most memorable quote:

Local dude: "What do you call this again?"
Misa from Nom Nom: "Bánh mì."
Local dude: "Whatever you say darlin'."

The episode began with Spencer on the Go starting things the same way they always do: calling a local restaurant to buy their supplies. Nom Nom shopped for tortillas and both claimed spots behind each other at Jonesborough's downtown, the only place to do any sort of selling. Unlike last week in New Orleans, there was no territorial drama, even as Grill 'Em All arrived late. Jonesborough's downtown square was it.

But what they did not anticipate was that their appearance in town got all over the news, and what's a population of five thousand has got to do but check out these newfangled California cooks make stuff from out of a truck. The enthusiasm from the townsfolk surprised everyone. They all earned more money here than anywhere else they've been. But who won?

Well, before the elimination, there was The Truck Stop Challenge to do. This time the game had them gather together at a farm out in the country to cook a 5-course chuckwagon meal which began by host Tyler Florence edu-ma-cating the remaining food truckers that their way of cooking isn't just a new trend. Back in the day, food trucks were called chuckwagons. So here, they'll be cooking the way their "ancestors" did: with Dutch ovens and fire pits.

Two cowboy historians from the American Chuck Wagon Association did the judging and though Spencer on the Go was confident early on, with an experienced camp cooker on their team, it was Grill 'Em All who won the taste test. The prize? An exclusive spot at a nearby town's car show where thousands of customer await. The Grill 'Em All truck predictably makes a killing there.

The other two trucks had to sulk back to Jonesborough where they spent the rest of the day realizing no one's around by dinner time.

The next day's business was to be the deciding factor in the outcome. A church crowd will be out by noon and they'll be hundreds of parishioners spilling out from the pews. Spencer on the Go and Grill 'Em All both start out swinging. They're ready to serve by 11:30 a.m. just in time for the first trickle of hungry churchgoers. Nom Nom was still at the market buying a boat load of supplies. Misa Chien explains that it was better to have too much food than too little.

The front runner's absence has the other two trucks a bit giddy. And by time they arrived, Nom Nom still had to prep and didn't start doling out bánh mìs until almost 1 p.m.

But then Grill 'Em All proves Nom Nom's premonition right: they ran out of food and had to stop service to go shopping. A costly mistake.

By the end, it seemed like it was anyone's game, but to the dagger-sharp stares of Grill 'Em All and Spencer on the Go, Nom Nom wins it again, topping over three grand worth of sales. Five in a row. They seem unstoppable. They go on the New York and by this time, has claimed so many Orbitz sponsored vacations one of the Grill 'Em All folks quips "They'll have to close down their truck to take all those vacations."

The final surprise lay for the elimination. And it's the closest call yet. Second and third place were separated by a mere $37: the amount Spencer on the Go fell short of and was sent packing for.

Next week, the finale.


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