What Happened On Last Night's The Great Food Truck Race 2

Is there a mycologist in the house? For those that saw the Good Morning America segment a few months ago, this past episode of The Great Food Truck Race was where Robin Roberts appeared on the show. The contest took the remaining six food trucks to Denver, where the Truck Stop challenge was to forage for mushrooms in the woods and then cook them for a taste test judged by a local chef. If there was any suspense, it was imagined by me: no one dropped dead from eating poisonous fungi.

The Lime Truck triumphed with a scallop and beef dish that won them the reward of $200 seed money while the rest of the contestants got bupkis, zero, nada, and had to beg and borrow money from local restaurateurs and merchants to get started. Also part of the prize, The Lime Truck landed an exclusive interview with the local ABC affiliate to publicize their wares. This would, at first, appear to be an advantage; but as it turns out, the extra time they had to devote to doing the interview cut into their prep.

By the time they arrived to their secured spot with the Hodge Podge truck, who chose the location for their newly-formed partnership, The Lime Truck was scrambling to get ready while The Hodge Podge was already serving. Every minute that passed without The Lime Truck being open, meant another mouth fed by Hodge Podge. When they did finally start selling, it was The Lime Truck's high prices that seemed to help them rebound.

Meanwhile Seabirds got a $500 loan from a vegan local shop owner, who sealed the deal a strange hand-shake/pinky-swear with one of the gals. Cafe con Leche got their raw product from a local Cuban restaurant and appeared proud that they were able to sell Cuban sandwiches at a significant premium ($15) since Denver, they posited, did not have many Cuban restaurants. Karma would later catch up to them. The restaurant that supplied them gave them an invoice that was much higher than they anticipated.

The so-called Speed Bump of the week was announced by none other than legendary quarterback John Elway, who apparently has a restaurant named after himself in the mile-high city. There was a point to having Elway do it: each truck had to "pick a quarterback", which meant only one person could work while the other two members had to be benched. Stephanie Morgan of Seabirds protested. "That's not how football works!"

But Roxy's Grilled Cheese ironed out their production issues from a week prior and seemed confident with the man they picked. And Morgan, who's team struggled the previous day because they opened before they were fully prepped (they actually had to refund money as people got impatient) took her time to make sure she didn't repeat earlier mistakes.

If there was an MVP for the episode, it would have to be The Lime Truck's Jason Quinn, who volunteered himself as The Lime Truck's sole player for the Speed Bump and had what appears to be the smartest plan: he went down the line of customers and did group orders, making the food in huge batches instead of one-by-one.

This would appear to have made the difference in the final tally, which amounted to a staggering $30K total haul for the six remaining trucks. The Lime Truck wins with $6,919 in sales, which re-establishes their dominance and ensures that host Tyler Florence has more opportunities to come up with cute nicknames for them. This episode: Bjorn Borg and Ninja Turtles.

Korilla came in second slot; Hodge Podge, third. Roxy's was fourth. And for elimination it was either Cafe Con Leche or Seabirds. In the end Morgan and her gals, who were not at all confident going into the final tally, was saved from elimination by a slim margin of $87.

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