What Can I Get For $5? A Buffet At Whole Foods Tustin!

What Can I Get For $5? A Buffet At Whole Foods Tustin!

To expect an organic behemoth like Whole Paycheck Foods to offer a BOGO or free special would be wishful thinking in their overpriced wonderland (have you seen the Fashion Island locale?). The next best deal is something, ya know, af-ford-a-ble. For the price of a gallon of premium, you can taste their version of AYCE this Saturday.

Pencil in noon to 1:30 p.m. on October 20 for lunch. We tried it once before, and can give a Yelp-y overview. But first, invite a dining companion.

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We'd recommend first picking up a beverage, except we read sweet horchata will act as both refreshment and dessert. Instead, mosey over to the Taqueria dining area a few feet away. Not the wine bar or Smokehouse-- over towards the self-serve soups and cooked-to-order Asian cuisine. This is where we pre-paid for lunch (and our would-be kombucha). They're still setting up at a quarter to, so there isn't a rush.

Scope out a table before all the cushioned seats are taken. Hydrate around the fancy watercooler until someone gives the go-ahead. Then fall in a single file line as your hunger pangs increase. Akin to more formal wedding receptions, servers will dole out your Mexican-inspired meal of Aztec stew, roasted vegetable medley, refried black beans and Mexican lasagna out of chafing dishes. There's a more-than-likely chance recipes will be available, so if you find something tastier than expected, they're happy to share the knowledge.

Unlimited trips back are welcome, so take turns with your dining partner and keep squatters away from your table. Walk it off by searching for a real dessert over at Ben & Jerry's, just brace yourself for the high fiber, plant-based backlash your body probably isn't used to. But you don't have to take my word for it.

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