"We're Done": Popular LA Food Trucks To Stop Coming To OC Thanks To New Permit Requirements

"We're Done": Popular LA Food Trucks To Stop Coming To OC Thanks To New Permit Requirements
Grilled Cheese Truck Facebook Page
Enjoy the tasty grub from The Grilled Cheese Truck, Grill 'Em All and Greasy Wiener? Sorry, but you'll soon have to drive to Los Angeles County to get some, thanks to a countywide crackdown by OC health officials.  
Many LA-based luxe loncheras like the trio mentioned above frequent Orange County regularly, feeding flocks of hungry customers at the OC Fair's weekly food truck stops. But according to The Orange County Register, these trucks have been operating on temporary permits that will soon expire. In order to continue doing business in OC, the trucks must obtain state-issued mobile food facility permits, which would require many to make costly kitchen upgrades. (In Los Angeles, the trucks can continue to operate under grandfathered permits.) 

For food truck owners, it's just not worth it. 

"This is it. We're done," Grilled Cheese Truck chef/owner Michele Grant told The Register, referring to their time in OC.  

To get a mobile food facility permit, a food truck must use traditional mechanical refrigeration. The Grilled Cheese Truck and others use cold plate refrigeration, a cost-saving alternative that is effective at keeping food at safe temperatures.  
The Grilled Cheese Truck and Greasy Wiener are already outtie. Grill 'Em All's last OC Fair stop will be Aug. 9. 

Ugh. OC health officials, you make us a Cheesy Mac and Rib sandwich then!  

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