Did someone say adobo?
Did someone say adobo?

Weekend Things: Hell's Kitchen Alum Cooking Demo!

Watch a movie or go to the mall. Then something to eat. Our weekends are fairly predictable when there's nothing to celebrate. So we were happy to learn about a couple of activities going on nearby. Both are family-friendly and involve food-- a plus in our book.

There's a brick-and-mortar launch for dessert if you look up Edwin's post, but we prefer to start with our main course. Maybe you've heard of Hell's Kitchen?

Bev Lazo appeared on the most recent season of Gordon Ramsay's f@€%ing competitive reality show. While she wasn't the last chef standing, her new gig as Corporate Lead Chef for 99 Ranch Market's in-store Filipino restaurants makes her a winner in our eyes. She'll be her usual coolinary self at the Culver location in Irvine from 11am to noon. On the menu: tastes (read: sample-sized bites) of cola chicken adobo with cilantro rice, plus bulgogi beef sliders. Yes, please! If you miss her that day, she's doing it again Sunday!

Food. Fun. Free. See you there.

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