We Like It: Enomatic Wine Dispensers

Fellow drinkers of wine by the glass, our ship is about to come in.

A couple of weeks ago I met some friends at Drago Centro in downtown L.A. for drinks after a long day of work in the Valley; while I went for the excellent Sazerac, one of my friends ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The bartender brought a stem glass over to a machine with couple of dozen bottles of wine on stainless steel pedestals, and pushed a button. Wine flowed through a spigot into the glass; when a generous measure had landed in the glass, she stopped the machine.

"What," I asked, "is this wondrous machine?"

It was, as you've guessed by the title of the post, an Enomatic wine dispenser. The machine removes air from a partially-consumed bottle of wine and replaces it with an inert gas (argon or nitrogen) which doesn't cause oxidation, wine's Kryptonite. When a pour is needed, the machine creates a partial vacuum, which sucks the wine up through the spigot. Various varieties of the machine also keep the wine at the proper temperature.

This is a relatively new item in the U.S., but it's a boon for people like me who are often the only one drinking wine at a table. Since the wine can be kept for up to 30 days with no ill effect, restaurants with the system can offer a much wider variety of wines by the glass.

Enomatic Wine Dispenser, we applaud you!


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