Just give it a few seconds..
Just give it a few seconds..

Watch This Guy Make Ice Cream in Under a Minute Using an Anti-Griddle

Liquid nitrogen ice cream was all the rage in Orange County last year (see: Creamistry, À la minute, some other people I'm probably forgetting), but even those mixer-heavy methods look slow next to how this place in Jacksonville prepares their desserts. Instead letting a machine churn away, Three f(x) Ice Cream uses what looks like an anti-griddle (it's like a griddle, but it gets super cold instead) and spackle knives to make their ice cream.

It's a tech-heavy way to do it, and of course it was Alton Brown who posted it to his YouTube channel (It's very obviously a cellphone video, which is honestly kind of cool). Check it out after the jump.

Can't wait for Alton to tell everyone how awesome this is.

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