Watch A Preview of Mind of a Chef Season 2

Watch A Preview of Mind of a Chef Season 2

Mind of a Chef, the PBS series narrated by Anthony Bourdain and featuring the thought process, obsessions, travels, recipes, and whatever the hell they care to put on tape about the chef on profile, has put out a longer preview of its second season.

As you may have heard, this time, rather than just one chef all season long (it was David Chang last time), there are two: Sean Brock and April Bloomfield. Brock is actually not a stranger to the series. He was in at least one episode in Season 1. I think it was the whiskey one.

Speaking of Season 1: Have you seen it? It's been on Netflix streaming for a couple of months now and it's kind of addicting. There's no plot or structure, and very little snark coming from Bourdain, but it has a lot of why you watch shows like this: unadulterated food porn.

Season 2 will debut September 7th.

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