Want to Protest the Girl Scout Cookie Boycott? There's An App For That!

Earlier this morning, Anne Marie posted about the Girl Scout Cookie ban proposed by a Girl Scout named Taylor from Ventura, California. It set my blood boiling, especially this quote:

"But most disturbing to me and my family, is that they've also admitted to already have placed transgender boys throughout America without letting everyone know."

There's a reason for this, Taylor: they probably didn't feel like putting a family into the spotlight while people like you call them freaks. Also, the last I checked, membership in the Girl Scouts was not up for popular vote, and I don't remember my sister having to submit to a panties check before reciting the Girl Scout Pledge.

The result is that I'm going to buy more Girl Scout Cookies than usual... once I find them.

Fortunately, for those of us who think your boycott is wrongheaded and prejudiced, there's a solution: the Girl Scout Cookie Locator, an app available for the iPhone through the App Store. Gone are the days of trying to figure out exactly which Walmart or Albertsons the girls would be sitting outside of and when in our desperate quest for Thin Mints. (What? What do you mean, there are other kinds of Girl Scout Cookies?)

Download it. It's free. Don't have an iPhone? Just point your browser to girlscoutcookies.org and use the online finder.

Find your Girl Scout Cookies--sales around here are from January 29 to March 11 this year--and let's buy the Girl Scouts of Orange County out of every single flavor.

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