Want to Eat Less? Eat With a Dude!
Photo by Christopher Victorio

Want to Eat Less? Eat With a Dude!

Listen to this: According to a study published on Journal of Applied Social Psychology, if you eat with a man, you're likely to eat less food than if you dined with a woman.

The experiment observed the habits of 127 college students and took note of what they ate and who they were with. From the observation, it was seen that when women sat with other women, they would order an average of 833 calories; but when they ate with men, the women would order, on average, only 721 calories.

Makes sense, right?

Well, how about this? It turns out the rule is the same with men, which is surprising if you're a dude who has eaten with other dudes. It was observed that when men ate with other men, they also ate less. They ate an average of 952 calories compared to an average of 1,162 calories when they ate in the presence of a lady.

Counterintuitive ain't it?

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