Wanna Make $40,000 In A Month? Apply To Be Psy's Personal Chef

Wanna Make $40,000 In A Month? Apply To Be Psy's Personal Chef

"Gangnam Style" king Psy has been so busy with the sexy ladies that he apparently doesn't have time to cook. The viral-hit wonder (who released his newest single, "Gentleman," over the weekend) is on the search for a personal chef for the first month of his world tour in July. 

It's part of a Facebook promo contest from Korean food company


. No actual cooking skills are necessary to enter. All contestants have to do is post a video of them mixing something,


--food, a record, paint colors, whatever. Bibigo comes from the Korean word "bibida," which means "mix it."  

Three finalists will go through "an extensive interview and missions." What might those missions be? Perfecting a series of pelvic thrusts? Fifteen minutes alone with the elevator dude? Who knows?  

The winner will receive $40,000, airfare, luxury accommodations, limo rides and access to parties, along with a two-week crash course on how to be Psy's chef. 

Check out the video and enter here

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