Late-night hipster beer run! Flickr user matteson.norman
Late-night hipster beer run! Flickr user matteson.norman

Walmart to Start Stocking More Craft Beers, To Allow Hipster Employees to Pick Brands for Individual Stores

I'm absolutely clueless about Walmart culture (among other things, natch), so I didn't even know they carried beer except at the monstrous Supercenters--though I believe we don't have one within OC boundaries. But those of you who can't get enough of septuagenarian greeters and low, low prices that have decimated independent business, take heart: Walmart is about to try another stab at the indy market by stocking more craft beers.

Last week in Las Vegas, Walmart CEO Lee Scott said as much to the National Beer Wholesaler's Association annual convention, according to AdAge. In an amazing break from their Orwellian practice of making sure every Walmart stocks every same, single thing, Scott says the decision will be made by each individual store's resident hipster.

"I'll tell you how it happens at Walmart: You have a 26-year-old buyer who makes the decision," Scott told the crowd. "The vice president is supposed to do a walk-through with them on why did you do this how did you do it ... [but] it is the buyer who is making that decision on those individual stores."

Which raises the fascinating question: will the Bruery soon be appearing at the Walmarts in Anaheim and Brea? And would this be a good thing or bad thing?

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