Waffleizer: Will It Waffle?

Our new favorite food blog, Waffleizer.com, answers the age-old question of "Will it waffle?" Writer/editor Dan Shumski, 32, of Chicago, has set out to answer just that.

Waffled Croque Madame: That's fancy talk for a grilled ham and cheese sammie with an egg on top. We're pretty entranced by the looks of that egg.

Shumski started Waffleizer at the beginning of the year. "It's a little hard for me to say exactly how it started," he explains. "A few things started coming together in my head. I'd seen a recipe for waffled french toast over the summer and filed that away. Then I saw a recipe for waffled cookies a few months later and filed that away. Then last fall, I was winding down another blog I had FruitSlinger.com. I wasn't really looking to do another blog, but at the same time my mind was drifting to new ideas. That's when it started to come together in my head."

Shumski plans on answering just 30 answers to "Will It Waffle?," fearing redundancy.

As for the delicious-yet-still-slightly-silly aspect of Waffleizer? Well: "I told one of my best friends about the idea [to start the blog]," Shumski says. "I could tell he was skeptical. I was skeptical, too. I think both of us had badly miscalculated the Internet's appetite for the ridiculous."

Scroll through some of his latest waffleized creations, all delicious, all unique--just click on the name of each dish to see the recipe! Also, you can follow the latest Waffleizer news on Twitter and Facebook.

Waffled Aloo Parantha: Served with a cilantro chutney and garnished with slices of red onion and cilantro.

Bibimbaffle: The traditional Korean dish consisting of an egg, rice, sauteed veggies (usually spinach and mushrooms) and chili paste is taken for a spin. Delish.

S'moreffles: Hello, heaven. All you need for this recipe are some marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker dough.

Chocolate Waffle Cakes with Cacao Nibs: Cacao nibs, says Shumski, are roasted, unsweetened cacao beans. "They contribute a nutty, chocolatey crunch," he adds. Sold!

Waffleburger: "You're going to make your own buns, right?," asks Shumski. "Because you could just waffle some hamburger meat, slap it between two buns from a bag and call it a day. But then you might as well just cook your hamburger in a frying pan like a normal person. And that's not why we're here." Amen.

And a gratuitous interior shot of the gloriousness that is the Waffleburger.


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