Wadiya Gets its Good Food Close-Up!

I knew people listened to KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food program, but the devotion! I had at least 10 people congratulate me on my recommendation of Wadiya, the county's sole Sri Lankan restaurant I originally reviewed earlier this year, and none of them even knew of my original write-up! And these folks are my supposed friends and not even foodies! Ingrates! Anyway, my yapping occurs toward the end of the broadcast (around the 50th minute), and gracias as always goes to host Evan Kleiman for allowing me the chance to plug OC places, although her description of me as the "king of the OC" is a bit much--I'm much more of a joker after you drop the r.

Now, the broadcast (and hear the real version every Saturday at 11 a.m.)


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