Buono dropping off her goodies to Old Vine Cafe...
Buono dropping off her goodies to Old Vine Cafe...

Visit Morningsong Farm this Sunday for Food, Canning Classes--And Llamas!

I can attest to the wonderful food produced by Morningsong Farms (based in the Temecula-area town of Rainbow, but owner Donna Buono lives in San Clemente and provides Best Restaurant in OC Old Vine Cafe with most of its produce) because the chica and I subscribe to their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA, for short) program for our weekly food needs. I've also visited their farm, rolling hills that scream for the orange crate label treatment. You can experience this as well this Sunday--but it'll cost you BUT you'll get good eatin', también.

From 11 in the morning until four in the afternoon, Buono will offer a multipronged workshop that shows off her farm. She'll lead tours that will highlight her chickens, her macadamia and orange trees, and a cameo by llamas. Others will teach you how to can, jam, and preserve, and the day will end with a three-course Buono meal featuring Morningsong's produce and other Temecula-area goods. The cost is $90, but makes for a good Sunday afternoon and delightful conversation on the one-and-a-half-hour trip from OC to Rainbow. More info? Call Donna at 949-310-4870.


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