Good eats!
Good eats!
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Vineyard ROZ, Another Wine Bar, Opens in Downtown Santa Ana

Edwin wrote earlier about the Robbins Nest wine bar opening in downtown SanTana. Something must be in the air, because another Vineyard ROZ has just opened--and two more are on the way.

A duo of wine bars with full dining menus in the artsy neighborhood of Santa Ana? I was surprised to see similar businesses pop up within weeks of each other. Factor in C4, and you can start your own vino crawl! Here's a quick and dirty side-by-side comparison for your thirsty reference.

Who and Where: The Robbins Nest Wine Bar & Bistro is located at 214 Sycamore Street. This is also known as the alley to the right of Lola Gaspar. Or the building across the street from that big parking structure.

Vineyard Roz is found at 206 North Broadway. Can you locate C4 Deli? It's the same side of the street, just a handful of doors down.

What and When: They're both wine bars. Duh. The Robbins Nest hatched June 27, while Vineyard Roz was June 13. Roz is open every day for lunch and dinner, with weekend brunch. Robbins Nest serves lunch and dinner, but is closed on Monday.

Eat and Drink: Both spots serve a charcuterie and cheese platter, plus a tomato salad with mozzarella/caprese. But that's where the similarities end.

Chef Memo at Vineyard Roz serves seafood and meatless options for small plates. Think bruschetta, hummus and ceviche. There's a papaya panzanella and grilled cheese containing honeydew which make us go hmmm. Medallions of beef and chicken, plus sea bass are their entrees.

Chef Jonathan Garner at Robbins Nest has a burger and fries for those who can't make up their mind. A slightly more Italian slant, pastas and pizzas are familiar fare. We laughed at their "Three Fun Guys In A Mini Van", an ode to mushroom pizza. They also serve a version of onion soup, while Vineyard changes it up with a changing chef selection.

And then: The story behind Robbins Nest is a labor of love. Not only is it in a historic building, but owner Lisa Robbins dedicates the nest to her late husband, Jim.

Vineyard takes a live entertainment approach and stages the occasional belly dancing show with your meal.

They're walking distance from each other, so I say try both. Just remember that they are wine bars, first and foremost. Food and service are nice and all, but it's really all about the drink. Cheers!

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