VIDEO: Three Stupid Reporters Eat One of the Nation's Spiciest Burgers

VIDEO: Three Stupid Reporters Eat One of the Nation's Spiciest Burgers
Courtesy Slater's 50/50

Michelle introduced us to the monstrosity that is Slater's 50/50's "50 Alarm Burger" last week. It was heralded by the infamous mini-chain as a burger so hot you need to wear gloves and sign a liability waiver to eat it. The burger consists of a fire beef patty with sliced jalapenos, three-alarm Colby Jack cheese, beer battered habanero peppers and ghost chili bacon spread on a brioche bun. Yeah.

So we here at the Weekly wondered just how spicy this beast is. Well, we tried it and instead of writing about it, we decided to film it so you could see our reaction. Three of us were up for the challenge: Calendar Editor Erin DeWitt, Managing Editor Nick Schou and myself. 

As a point of reference, I just barely learned how to stomach Flamin' Hot Cheetos and on the other side of the spicy spectrum, Nick says he has the ghost chili immunity gene and eats ghost chili tacos from Taco Asylum in Costa Mesa on a weekly basis (and adds their ghost chili hot sauce on top).

When we went, there were no gloves and no liability waiver. It does make it sound intimidating though.

Is it really that bad? Press play to find out. 

Part One: The Girls

Part Two: The Guy

When we were done eating, we sat there in a collective silence as we suppressed the urge to vomit and dreaded what was to come in a few hours...

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