Video: The Kogi BBQ Truck VS. Lakewood Police!

If you didn't show up to the Kogi Taco Truck appearance in OC-close Lakewood on Wednesday (like our friends Hungrymomma, Hungrypoppa, and lonegungirl did), then you missed the crackdown by the Lakewood police.  Sirens blaring, lights, and the Kogi truck being chased out like criminals.  They eventutally ended up finishing up their shift in nearby BUENA PARK!

Here's your chance to relive that wild and crazy night, by way of a video one of the customers shot.

Hilariously, at one point in the video, a cop is heard saying into his bullhorn, "If you guys don't move, I'm going to start citing everybody for trespassing.  So everybody back here: Bye!  Bye! Bye!  Bye!" 

And if that weren't surrealistic enough, you hear someone else yell back "Dude, we saw this on Nightline!"

What's glorious here is, of course, the more the police hassle them, the more articles like this it inspires, and the more legendary Kogi gets!  

Ya hear that our fine O.C. officers in uniform?  When Kogi comes around to visit us properly within our county limits, best leave them alone!

P.S.  The Kogi truck is still coming back to the same location in Lakewood on Saturday.


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