Video of Four Loko Being Turned Into Gas

Video of Four Loko Being Turned Into Gas

As you may recall, earlier this year, there was news that after being banned into oblivion, unsaleable stocks of Four Loko were being recycled into ethanol. Now comes the video of the actual process from one of the companies doing it. 

It shows acres and acres of the stuff, coming in all colors and flavors, palettes being unloaded from trucks, stacked by forklifts into never-ending quantities that almost recalls that last scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Then the scene shifts to the actual cans of Four Loko being processed, their cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping peeled off and recycled, the still-full cans travelling up conveyor belts to where they are crushed to extract the liquid--like fruit being juiced. 

The video states that at this particular plant, the recycled drink is estimated to fuel 8,000 cars in a year. That sounds much more socially responsible than 8,000 passed-out, underage binge drinkers.

We'd embed the video, but its producers aren't allowing it, so WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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