VegiLicious In Huntington Beach Now Open
Photo courtesy VegiLicious

VegiLicious In Huntington Beach Now Open

Surf City U.S.A is bringing it with their progressive food scene. One week, we reported up-and-comer Avocado Cafe was prepping to launch location #3. Then Shuji follows up with another Bruxie announcement at The Strand. Well, before these ambitious ventures open their doors, Huntington Harbour Mall gave birth to a bouncing vegan eatery on the 21st known as VegiLicious.

Technically they're calling it "pre-opening", but if you're accepting walk-ins, you're open! Serving lunch only until Friday (That's when they add dinner service), their only day off appears to be Wednesdays. Not Sunday, Monday or even Tuesday-- hump day. Can you remember that?

Serving a whole lotta tofu and edamame, we are most curious about their curry dishes. Made from over 20 kinds of spices and organic vegetables, it also serves as condiment in a few of their sandwiches. We are salivating just thinking about it.

For those skeptics out there, the VegiLicious website claims states the following:

All the dishes on our menu such as soups, salads and vegan meats are plant-based and free from animals, eggs, dairy products, deep-frying, MSG and all artificial additives. We believe that our original recipes will exceed your expectations from the typical vegan/vegetarian dishes.

Guess we've got another option during Lent.

VegiLicious is located at 16821 Algonquin St, #103, Huntington Beach, (714) 377-3928;

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