Veggie Girl
Veggie Girl
Jonathan Ho

Veggie Grill Opens In Tustin Irvine Marketplace; $50 Gift Cards To First 50 Guests

Veggie Grill is kind of everywhere now, having infiltrated markets as far as Washington since it began in Irvine in 2006. There are four in Orange County alone (three in Irvine, one in Laguna Niguel), and now there's going to be a fifth, which will be its 25th store overall.

The 2,900 square foot location that used to be Pat & Oscars next to Edwards Theater at The Marketplace (13786 Jamboree Road, Tustin, Irvine, CA 92602) will open as a Veggie Grill this Thursday, June 26th at 11 a.m.

And just as they did when they opened the last Irvine location, they are going to offer $50 Gift Cards to the first 50 guests in line at its Tustin* new Irvine restaurant on opening day--a significant reward if you can go and get there no later than the first 49 people.

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