Valhalla Table Closes at The Camp :-(
Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly

Valhalla Table Closes at The Camp :-(

Just over two years. That's the amount of time Costa Mesa's ode to sausage and beer lasted. We didn't learn about this by driving past, or even their website. Actually, it was from an acquaintance's check-in on foursquare (thanks Dan!) Saturday night that caught my attention. He noted, "Closing for good on Monday!? Not good."

A quick call verified the intel; their final day of business was actually Sunday.

Ehrline and Liz Karnaga's second foray into indulgences, Valhalla Table was the quirky doppelganger to LA's Wurstkuche. Their original home, Layer Cake Bakery, still remains along a modest strip mall off Barranca in Irvine.

When we inquired further, the voice on the other end mentioned monetary reasons. Specifially, rent at the hipster entertainment venue was on the rise (surprise, surprise), and business could not keep up with a hike. So with the stagnant economy, property management felt the need to squeeze more out of their tenants? Gee, thanks--but what else can we expect from Shaheen Sadeghi?

Despite efforts to expand their menu to include customizable entrees like salads and burgers, Valhalla's gastronomical contributions are now a part of history. Our cravings for hops, meat and potatoes will have to seek refuge elsewhere.

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