[UPDATED With Even More Goodies] Giveaways and Food Specials for Next Week's Good Food/Stick a Fork In It Happy Hour at the Crosby!

[UPDATED With Even More Goodies] Giveaways and Food Specials for Next Week's Good Food/Stick a Fork In It Happy Hour at the Crosby!

UPDATE, MARCH 8, 2 P.M.: Ehrline Karnaga of Layer Cake and Valhalla Table has donated a box of her macarons to the giveaway. How the hell are we going to give so many goodies to ustedes? See you this Thursday!

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 2: Remember to mark your calendars for next Thursday at 7 p.m., folks, for Happy Hour at the Crosby in SanTana. It'll be the first OC event for KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food With Evan Kleiman, and the first event for this infernal blog. But people have been asking what to expect. Will Evan do a cooking demo? Will Dave wow everyone by speaking yet another language? Will Edwin even show up?

The answer to all those is "no." And when I asked Harriet Ells, Kleiman's producer, what a Good Food happy hour even entails, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "We just hang out and give out stuff."

They have one other requirement for participating restaurants: food and drink specials. And does Crosby head chef Aron Habiger have some for you! Plus, have we got some goodies for ustedes!

All desserts will be $3, while the Crosby's great cheese "flat bread" (really, just a giant, yummy pizza) will go for five bucks. But the true star will be pork-belly tostadas, an off-the-menu item that Habiger has played around with. Actually, he has it down: freshly fried tostadas topped with sumptuous pork belly and his take on a Sri Lankan coconut sambal. Two of these treasures for $6--for that alone, you should show up, as there's no guarantee Habiger will ever make them again.

As for the drinks, the Crosby will have $3 sangrias, a buck off draught beers, $4 for well drinks and one-buck Pabst. It's also debuting another signature drink (Kleiman's presence tends to do that to young chefs), the Wildflower Press: Absolut Wild Tea & Elderflower vodka, blood oranges, sweet vermouth, soda and Sprite, all garnished with edible flowers. For $5--FUUUUUUCK. . . .

I'm also hearing rumors of a guest chef making an appearance, plus a special dessert. What will that be? Details to come. . . .

On our end, we're getting gift baskets ready with goodies from some of our favorite foodie folks: Blackmarket Bakery, Break of Dawn, Gabbi's, Marché Moderne, TAPS and more. What, exactly? That'll be revealed in another post later this week. . . .


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