Damn, they look good...
Damn, they look good...

[UPDATED with address TONIGHT] Corundas Coming to Santa Ana?

*Updated, with location after the jump...

If Oaxaca is the land of the seven moles and Mexico City is where street food reigns, then Michoacán is Tamale Central, home to three distinct kinds: the regular ol' one in the corn husk every gabacho knows, the sweet-corn huchepos, and the fascinating corundas, a type of inside-out tamal that finds masa crafted into triangles that are then topped with carnitas, crema fresca and salsa.

I've only been able to find corundas at one place in Orange County, at a long-shuttered Mexican restaurant in Garden Grove (and for that matter, only Las Brisas de Apatzingan sell huchepos in OC), but someone calling himself El Corundero promises to change that.

He left me a tweet

via his Twitter

account with the tease, "

ricas y unicas [rich and unique] Corundas in the county this weekend. Will post location." More of his tweets reveal that he's the only person in Southern California that will hawk'em, a claim I won't dispute (but maybe Bill Esparaza at Street Gourmet LA can?) and that the location will be in big, bad SanTana, a logical place to sell them given Michoacán is to SanTana as Iowa was once to Long Beach.

I asked for more info, but no reply yet. DAMN YOU, PINCHE CABRÓN--I WANT MY CORUNDAS NOW!!! Seriously, folks: fuck your carne asada Fourth of Julys and flock to this man's food. Corundas at their finest are tamales gone Dada.

UPDATED: Here's the tweet for TONIGHT. Sorry for delay...

Corundas tonight between 6-9pm. 3655 Mcfadden Ave. Behind Creative Motorsports. 3 Corundas with carne (pork) and chile and sour cream $8


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