Soon to be aisle 5?
Soon to be aisle 5?

is reporting that the restaurant's last day will be Memorial Day, May 31. Eat while you can!

UPDATED: Vons to Force Costa Mesa Omelette Parlor to Shutter

​The venerated Costa Mesa spot known for its apple butter, strangely named egg dishes and wagons hanging from the ceiling will soon close because of its grocery-store landlord.

OCLNN reports that


, which owns the shopping center in which the

Omelette Parlor

has stood for 27 years, served the breakfast-and-lunch spot with a 30-day notice to vacate. The grocery store chain is renovating the center and kicking tenants out.

From the article:

On the business' official Facebook page, a posting was left Saturday announcing the news to customers.

It said, in part, "Bad news all Omelettarians! Vons [has] served us our 30-day notice to vacate ... We don't have a new location yet, so get everyone you know to join our page so they can be updated as things progress."

The parlor has about 25 employees, and each will be laid off, Moss said.

Fellow waitress Kara English grew up going to the parlor.

"It's been here forever," she said. "I've been coming here since I was a kid. It's going to be missed. People around here that grew up here know about the parlor."

In 2003, Vons tried to pull the same thing but local residents rallied and saved the restaurant. Haven't heard any talk of that happening this time, but that might change once more people hear that they'll be apple-butter-less within a month. We didn't name the joint the best spot for Sunday brunch in 2009 for nothing.

Teaser omelet photo by Flickr user Sidereal, licensed Creative Commons. 


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