UPDATED: Strickland's Ice Cream Offers "New Golden Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie" Flavor Tonight
Edwin Goei

UPDATED: Strickland's Ice Cream Offers "New Golden Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie" Flavor Tonight

Strickland's, the winner of multiple awards we've bestowed and articles we've written because of their dreamy ice cream and innovative flavor offerings, is doing another flavor worthy of an article.

The last time I wrote about them here, they celebrated the return of the Twinkie by making an ice cream with Twinkies in it. On that day, since they also made an Oreo ice cream, I asked them to make mine half and half. It was, to put it mildly, kismet in a cone.

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Now it seems they're taking their birthday cake formula (which contains sprinkles, if I recall correctly), and mixing in Oreos and calling it, what else, "New Golden Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie." Genius.

Hurry though. They started offering the flavor last night and will do so again tonight. But by tomorrow, it will be gone.

UPDATE (5:40 a.m. Nov. 8): Like the others including our own Anne Marie who tried the "New Golden Birthday Cake Oreo" flavor last night at Strickland's, I discovered my earlier description of it wasn't exactly accurate. The flavor is, in fact, entirely derived from Birthday Cake Oreos, and not a combination of their usual birthday cake flavor with regular Oreos. Despite this, everyone, including myself and also Anne Marie, enjoyed it immensely. The non-chocolate Oreo cookie chunks actually did taste like moist birthday cake after being softened by the ice cream. Strickland's, if you're reading, buy more Birthday Cake Oreas, and make more damn it!

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