[UPDATED: SOLD OUT] Cheese 101 Workshop at The Bruery Provisions

[UPDATED: SOLD OUT] Cheese 101 Workshop at The Bruery Provisions

The class description: 

Cheese 101 Recognize the Rind is a class for people who want to learn more about the wonderful world of cheese! Sit and relax and enjoy a plate of some of the world's most renowned cheeses, all while learning about types of milk, styles of cheese, cheese-making and cheese-pairing fundamentals. Also includes chosen cheese accompaniments and tasting notes to take home. Flex your cheese know-how next time you're behind our cheese counter or planning an event!

90-minute curriculum: 

six cheeses with chosen accompaniments and water

cheeses include: Picandou Frais, Delice de Cremier, Reblochon, Landaff Cheddar, Krummenschwiler Swiss, and Colston Bassett Stilton

styles: soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, hard, blue, others

types: goat, sheep, cow, others

cheese-making: conditions, seasons, rennet, processed

raw versus pasteurized

how to choose and buy cheese

cheese-pairing fundamentals

caring for cheese: wrapping, cross-contamination, temperature

cheese lingo and tasting notes to take home 

The class is from 8 p.m.-9:30 p.m. on April 30 20, and the cost is $30 class is SOLD OUT. To sign up, call (714) 997-2337 or visit the shop, anyway!

Bruery Provisions, 143 N. Glassell, Orange; (714) 997-2337, www.brueryprovisions.com
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