[UPDATED] Haven Gastropub to Open Second Location in Downtown Santa Ana

[UPDATED] Haven Gastropub to Open Second Location in Downtown Santa Ana

Updated, with a denial on the bottom...

I've had my ups and downs with Haven Gastropub in Old Towne Orange, but can't deny that the restaurant has been a smash success. How much a smash? Enough so that the people behind it think they can succeed again by opening a second location just three-and-a-half miles away, in downtown SanTana

Drive by the corner of Broadway and Third Street in the city, and you'll see a large space with full-length windows covered in paper to discourage lookie-loos. That'll be Haven's new space, although there is no set opening date. Rumor has it that Haven also secured a space just next door, the late, great Broadway Billiards, and are thinking of doing some type of nightclub-esque food concept.

With many of the Mexi businesses in downtown SanTana failing, expect more restaurants to try and swoop in, much to the pleasure of city fathers--and that's all I'll say on that tidbit right now. As a political beast, I'm going to see if the city will subsidize these new, favored restaurants to move in, as they have done in the past. As a food critic, I support good, original food and wonder if Haven can succeed with the same concept so close to the original--if they do indeed try a gastropub (which is so 2008). We shall see...

UPDATED: Read the comment from Haven's owners below. My sources insist, however, that they are bluffing--but if Haven says they're not opening another location, then they will have the final word on this. They do say they're expanding, so let's see what that brings...

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