[UPDATED: Accused Speaks] Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Worker Steals $1,500 from Coworker!

[UPDATED: Accused Speaks] Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Worker Steals $1,500 from Coworker!

UPDATE: As you'll see in the comments below, someone claiming to be Mike Farmer, the man arrested for the crime described above, has left comments below claiming he's innocent. In the interest of justice, we present his story after the jump.

I was doing a prep guide in the office inbetwwen making orders cause the manager asked me to do it so inbetween orders i stood behind the office chair and did the prep guide not even knoing the purse was right there and ,once I finished I put my pen in my pocket and carried on with the day, I put my 2 weeks in and that was my 2nd to last day, nothing was said about money being stolen that day or on my last day and now 3 months later I hear I had a warrent out for my arrest so I walked up to an officer and asked if it was true and they said yea and I willingly went to the station with the they booked me and showed me the video they had and the camera was facing my back so you can't see me doing the prep guide cause the camera they have on the labtop was convientely off so you can't see wat I'm actully doing so they said I was going threw her purse and put the money in my pocket even tho the store money is kept in the safe so how the manager convinced them the money was in her purse is beyond me but one of the coworkers said they herd her on the phone the day before crying and begging for money and also she said her name was marianna and even the owners called her marianna but the detective said her name was laura and people I kno who speck spanish have over herd her talking about how the owners would hire an illegal immigrant, and I believe it seeing as I never even had to show my id or any proof of id. So have more then reasonal doubt that not only was I set up for the theft trying to help the manager with doing part of her job but also that she is an illegal immigrant scamming her way threw america mayb trying to provide for a family in another country which is understandable but to accuse someone of felony theft is ridiculous. A father who at that time his kids were still in the hospital and she knew that and still is blamming me for doing it. This is why we make them get green cards so you can't go around getting other people in trouble for your own scam and just use some other persons name to b a witness so she can lie to get them convicted but she chose the wrong person cause you obviously don't see in the video me taking any money or that there was any money in her purse at all.

Gracias for your point of view, Mr. Farmer!

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 8, 11 A.M.: Unless you own a Taco Bell or work at the headquarters in Irvine, chances are the average Taco Bell employee ain't making much money. But still: if you need to steal, why steal from your coworkers? That's just messed up--and that's how they roll at the Taco Bell in Nashua, New Hampshire, according to police.

Roll the tape!

A Nashua Taco Bell employee stole more than $1,500 from a co-worker's purse, police said.

Michael Farmer, 20, was arrested Thursday and charged with class A felony theft, police said Friday.

In October, a Taco Bell employee at the chain restaurant's Pheasant Lane Mall location reported to police that more than $1,500 in personal and business money had been removed from her purse, police said.

Farmer was identified as a suspect, and detectives investigated the crime, leading to the recent arrest, police said.

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