UPDATE: Pascal Olhats Coming to French 75, Fashion Island

Details at 11, or, rather, as soon as we have them, because everyone is remaining tight-lipped about this at the moment.

But French 75 did confirm that famed French chef Olhats is joining them "within the month", that he isn't closing any of his other restaurants and that there will a new menu to celebrate his arrival.

Update, Friday May 15: The man himself has confirmed that French 75 is about to become Brasserie Pascal, where he will act as consultant manager.

A preview menu--$20 for two courses--kicks off tomorrow, while the full menu will be launched the second week in June. The brasserie will be "a real fun place, just like being in Paris", while the bar will serve food until 10pm during the week and until midnight at weekends, offering such delights as grilled cheese sandwiches with truffle and the wacky-sounding "French hot dogs".

I'll eat to that!



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