Update on Thai Nakorn Garden Grove
Edwin Goei

Update on Thai Nakorn Garden Grove

There was some chatter on the Chowhound boards today about the progress of the Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove, and it reminded me that the last time I wrote about it here, I reported that March was the target opening date.

Would you look at the time!  It's almost freakin' July!

Today, in answer to a question that was posed on the foodie bulletin board, a poster named TravelPath said that that the owners were having problems with Garden Grove building inspectors. "One week they approve something, the next week they want major changes on the same item," he wrote.

This fact was confirmed when I talked to someone at the Stanton Thai Nakorn.  The man said that the Garden Grove restaurant is actually ready-to-go, but the red tape might push back the opening a month, maybe two.  He seemed a little exasperated at the situation.  I assured him that I would still continue to eat at the Stanton branch in the meantime.  So should you!

I'll have another update here when there is more news.


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