Update on Local Gastro-Gals and their Kickstarter Campaigns!

Update on Local Gastro-Gals and their Kickstarter Campaigns!

Tara Simon, a.k.a. The Bacon Vixen, is halfway there. Seabirds made it one-tenth of the way. And Blackmarket Bakery is practically done. Is this another Tyler Florence reality show? Nah. Just some kickass women taking control of their destiny.

If you've got a goal (but not enough financial backing) an entrepreneur's best resource is their followers. Dave first reported this back in March, when Stephanie Morgan and her vegan team campaigned for a renovated brick-and-mortar. A great idea in theory, but unfortunately they did not reach their $100,000 goal.

Following in the luxe


's footsteps, Rachel Klemek's Blackmarket Bakery is just about fully funded in anticipation of their second location in Costa Mesa and their desire to produce a new bread line. With 235 backers and counting, they've got one more day to rally. Incentives to pledge include offers of cool swag and an invite to their grand opening.

Finally, our preferred confectioner intends to razzle dazzle us with ice cream dreams and a goal to raise enough for a cart. $100 pledges will receive a dozen of her French toast cookies, a Sticky Pig t-shirt and sticker, and a digital copy of her upcoming cookbook, The Naughty Little Book of Bacon Mischief & Mayhem. For those not fond of bacon (Those people actually exist?), Tara confirms that non-bacon flavors are already in the works.

If you're not ready to go out and vote, go online and pledge.

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