UPDATE: Eat It! Michael Jackson To Get Butter Statue

If you didn't manage to get tickets to the MJ memorial at Staples Center tomorrow, fear not: you can probably still book a flight to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair in August, when Jackson will be immortalized in butter.

For ten days, the dairy King of Pop will stand next to the fair's traditional butter cow.

Sculptor Sarah Pratt chose to portray the singer's famous moonwalk pose as a nod to the 40th anniversary of the moon landings this summer. Two years after that momentous event, the Jackson 5, including Michael, performed at the fair.

But, just so we're clear: "Pratt will sculpt the 1980s Jackson, all shining smile and curls, as opposed to his more recent drastically altered appearance: cleft chin, thinner nose and long, wavy hair."

Obviously, we can't show you a photo of the statue as it hasn't been sculpted yet, so instead we bring you a classic piece of music: "Weird Al" Yankovic's 1984 homage to Beat It.

Now all we need is for images of Jackson to start turning up on people's toast.

Update, August 18: The fair kicked off last week and runs till Sunday. The locals have nixed the idea of a butter statue of the Gloved One, so instead here's a (veeery slow-loading) link to ten others that have featured at the fair over the years. Check out Tiger Woods--creepy!


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