Umami Burger to Open in Laguna Beach

​Umami Burger, Adam Fleischman's high-end burger chain, has taken San Francisco by storm; it's opening next door to the Anaheim Brewery; it's already got half a dozen or so locations in L.A.

Now the chain is looking at expanding to South OC, opening a burger joint with full bar at 610 N. Coast Hwy. in Laguna Beach. For those of you who think that address looks awfully familiar, think cranky Frenchmen serving coffee. Yes, it's the same plaza as Jean-Paul's Goodies.
Umami Burger to Open in Laguna Beach

The chain's signature burger contains a Parmigiano tuile, lending an extra burst of its namesake taste to the sandwich; the fries come in several varieties, but the onion rings are the thing to get. They're made, says the menu, with malt liquor--which means you can have your Colt 45 in fried form. (Are you listening, Chicken Charlie?)

The Laguna Beach location is expected to open early next year; the Anaheim location should be open next month, barring any completely expected and normal delays with inspections and the like.

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