Umami Burger: Imminent--In Costa Mesa, Anyway

For the last year or so, the space next to Anaheim Brewery has sat empty while rumors, first whispered and later confirmed, flew about Umami Burger coming to Orange County. Beer geeks all over OC salivated at the idea of freshly burgers being passed through a convenience window into OC's original brewery.

But as time went by, and plans were done and re-done and re-done, people started rolling their eyes. Umami announced plans for Laguna Beach, and most lately, for Costa Mesa (at the Camp), but, as it says in some holy book somewhere, the last shall be [open] first.

The exact date hasn't been set yet, but it's imminent: they're inviting press in for pictures. Look for an announcement here when they get there. As for Anaheim, it'll be the third opening in OC; Laguna Beach is expected to be open in early summer, and Anaheim, well, sometime after that. Sigh.

Incidentally, they're not exactly media-shy, these Umami folks; they were on American Public Media's Marketplace last week talking about their plans to take over the United States with their better-than-average burgers and strangely stacked fries. Maybe they'll open in Anaheim before heading to greener pastures.

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